Top 10 Dating Websites That Are Scams



Top 10 Dating Websites That Are Scams

There are lots of dating sites on the Internet that are total scams I’m here today to share the top 10 which I would consider the biggest scams on the Internet. There are plenty of sites that do work, but many don’t. Finding out what works and what doesn’t is A LOT of work.

Good news for you, I’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the entire process for you. Here are ten sites that you can forget about using and all the reasons why I suggest doing so.

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Top Dating Site Scams To Avoid – This site tries to get you to join another site that’s BBW and milf related. They take your email address and spam you with tons of fake dating offers. – The Ashley Madison is a scam in my opinion. They have an insecure platform that’s been hacked many times before. In doing so, they revealed that most members are not active and they don’t use the site. – This network is filled with lots of fake users. They actually charge money in order to communicate with people that aren’t real. I hate this about this site. Seriously, it makes my blood boil. – If you’re looking for older women, I can assure you that none are on this site. Having joined it myself to try out, I can safely say that most women on here are fake. In fact, they’re all fantasy profiles that people are paying for here. -This site uses fantasy profiles which are operated by site employees and contractors. Truly, it is nothing but a complete waste of time. – Local flirting my eye! This one is completely fake too, incorporating fake users and fake messaging as well. Do not join this site. – No real affairs on this site, just fake profiles known as fantasy cupids. They charge you to do just about everything and none of it is worth even ten percent of the cost. – This is a marketing site that preys on gullible people looking to connect to hookup. I’ve seen some scams but this one is definitely one of the worst. – This is a fake Kik aggregator that markets itself as being a Kik dating site. Do your best to avoid this and every dating site that incorporates the use of Kik Interactive. – I can’t stand because it is what many consider to be a white label and it’s not even a real dating site. Nothing is worse than joining a dating site that’s not a real dating site. – This site is a scam not because they charge you money but because it’s filled with people looking to get you to send them money. The good old Nigerian scams are rampant.

Here are some more websites that are scams if you’re looking to research more sites. There are PLENTY of them that have been reviewed all over the Internet.